Clean Energy Sectors

We are targeting the following sectors:

Renewable Energy

•  Sustainable Biomass ( organic waste, energy crops)  

•  Solar

•  Wind   

•  Small Hydro and Ocean (Wave) Power 

•  Geothermal 

•  Energy Storage 



Energy Efficiency  

•  CHP (for Power and heat)  

•  Fuel Cells 

•  Building Applications 

•  Refrigeration Technologies to Displace GHG Potent Refrigerants    


Advanced Manufacturing


Green Building

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems



•  Advanced Vehicle technologies (EV, Hybrid technologies, engine, transmission, injection, and timing)

•  Advanced Fuel applications (EV, CNG.LNG, Biodiesel, Ethanol, and Hydrogen)

•  Monitoring systems (remote monitoring, fast rail, driverless vehicles, telematics and predictive diagnostics)


   Advanced Lubrication systems


Supply Chain


Other Sectors


•  Clean Water ( Innovativative Sanitation, Purification, and desalination technologies)