EcoIgnite's success is built upon the strenght of our Mentor Network.  

Each of our Mentors is a major industry influencer.  They mentors bring unique knowledge and insights about the region’s clean energy sectors that will help entrepreneurs successfully navigate what traditionally has been a challenging industry in which to find success. We are very fortunate to draw upon the expertise of many talented professionals with years of experience in target areas.

Our mentors include (alphabetical list with area of speciality in italics):

  •  Larry Barth, - RE, Solar
  • Kenny Esser,  PSEG – RE, Energy Efficiency
  • Chuck Feinberg, Clean Cities Network  - Transportation
  • Scott Fisher, Evgo Services LLC – Transportation, EV charging
  • Darren Hammell, Princeton Power - RE, Power storage
  • Shihab Kuran, SunEdison Advanced Solutions - Energy Storage
  • Adje Mensah, A.F. Mensah -  RE, Solar
  • Alan Sawyer, NRG - Energy Effeciency