Rutgers Energy Institute 

The Rutgers Energy Institute (REI) integrates Rutgers’ expertise in science, engineering, economics, and policy, putting it at the forefront of alternative energy research. Formed in the summer of 2006, REI is committed to serving the New Jersey community and beyond through four main objectives:

  • Research - Integrate basic research and real-world application to advance energy technologies that address biofuels, solar and wind energy, efficient energy use, and energy policy
  • Education - Train the next generation of leaders in energy research through multidisciplinary graduate and undergraduate programs that blend science, technology, economics, and policy
  • Outreach - Facilitating colloquia, workshops and seminars that stimulate interdisciplinary conversations on energy research and technologies, exploring energy topics most relevant to the Rutgers community, local businesses, homeowners, and politicians.
  • Advisory body - Provide objective information and advising the local, state, and national policy makers on energy technologies, alternative energy strategies and policy options.

We are seeking additional sponsors for EcoIgnite.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like more information, please contact contact Serpil Guran at 609-499-3600 x 4225 or Serpil.Guran@Rutgers.edu